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Currane Corn Acla Winning Team 1956 - 60 year Celebration!


In 1956 Currane won the Corn Acla for the first time. 

The competition began in 1948 and was competed for by under 15 (at that time) boys. Team's represented the traditional National School's area's

We are celebrating this achievement by reuniting as many of that team as we can! All of the team are still with us!

The celebration is on March 27th (Easter Sunday). We'll have music with Cheers.

There'll be reminiscing and a few good stories!

All players present on the night will be presented with a momento to mark this historic occasion.

We'll have match reports from the local papers of the time and photo's of the team.


We would also like to extend an invitation to all members of the beaten Dooagh team - maybe there is a story from lower Achill that you would like us to include?

We'll post the names in the picture as the date approaches - see if you know any of them!

If you happen to have any photo's of the team and/or players from that year we would be grateful if we could borrow them - all will be returned in the same condition they were received in!

Or if you have any match reports/articles that we could borrow as well please contact - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Further details on the history of the Corn Acla can be found on Achill GAA's page

The website has an error on the year that Currane won it for the first time!






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